Please, oh PLEASE, don’t spam this website!

(Content Notice: Abortion, miscarriage, Pediatric COVID)

If you spend Too Much Time On The Internet (Like me!) then you’ve probably already heard about a ridiculous anti-abortion website that has recently been created in order to assist with enforcing an equally ridiculous abortion ban.

“Finally! A site where I can pretend to care about children from the comfort of my own home!”
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You may have also heard about various individuals and groups spamming this website. I realize that you are probably tempted to join them, but there are things you must consider first!

After all, when a bully is hurting other children on a playground, interfering just isn’t the American way– The American way is to let the bully break someones nose while we lecture the other children about being nicer to the bully so that maybe the bully won’t hurt them. At least, that’s the vibe I’m getting from the last five years of political and cultural discourse?

So let us be civil, dear readers. Do not spam this website.

Do not take advantage of their anonymous form to send them Shrek Porn, as one tik toker did. Yes, it was hilarious and non-violent, but it is important that we are all very polite to the folks who are ignoring the existence of ectopic pregnancies.

Certainly don’t send any info about the state of pediatric COVID in Texas. To do so would imply that their interest in stopping abortion is more about controlling women than helping children. And that’s bad! Because reasons!

And whatever you do, do NOT send them data that demonstrates just how common miscarriages really are. They believe that pregnancy termination is evil, so to explain to them that their god performs this deed more often than any human would hurt their feelings! Can’t have that!

Obviously, don’t remind them that some trans men can become pregnant. To accept the existence of trans people, and the possibility of their policies harming men….that would just be too much for them!

Additionally, there’s no need to remind them that Abortion existed before Roe and was relatively common. Their fictitious, imagined past of an abortion-free America is very important to them.

Indeed, you should definitely spare them from the reality that Norma McCovey (AKA the “Roe” in R v.s. Wade) was lying when she later became a figurehead for the anti-abortion movement. No need to dampen their day with the complicated details of her life!

Welp, that’s all for the moment. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go protest some neo nazis by sending them polite letters with frowny faces on them. Until next time!

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