Black Lives Matter

I haven’t died. I do have thoughts and insights on the latest murders by the hands of police who apparently are NOT accustomed to being held accountable for their actions. But here’s the thing: My complexion is that of a jar of mayonnaise with legs. And one reason why these issues are never really dealt with is because too many white people are REALLY bad at listening. We clutch our pearls about gang violence and drug crimes, but look the other way when law enforcement straight up murders someone and gets away with it. Over. And over. And over again.

So I’ve wrestled with this for the past few months, because I don’t know how much good one more white person on the internet can do. But I suppose I have to try. 

So for now, I’ve decided to simply amplify other voices whenever touching on this topic. After all, why spend hours/days writing something that’s already been written? And more importantly, why make this about my own feelings and ego when that mentality right there is part of the problem?

And one more thing:

If you’re nervous about possible violence and destruction at protests, and find yourself finger wagging about Dr. Martin Luther King….

….Then please remember that Dr. King was horribly murdered. Please remember that the FBI spied on him and he was often accused of being a communist (sound familiar?). Please remember that in addition to matters of race, he was concerned with the issue of poverty and helped to start the poor people’s campaign, which has re-emerged under William J. Barber II.

If you’re going to quote the man, you’d better learn the whole damn story.

Lastly, a friendly reminder that mental health is very, VERY important in a time like this. The United States is in a horrible (and preventable) pandemic, and our federal government has largely abandoned us. Those who are willing and able to stay home to protect others are shamed for being “cowards.” That’s not normal, or acceptable.

If you find yourself feeling numb and dead inside, I highly recommend reading poetry or well-crafted fiction. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time doing it for it to have an effect, and you will feel much, much better if you do it regularly.

Stay safe everyone, more writing coming eventually.

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